Service Projects

Come give back with us and help us make our world a better place, one project, one outreach, one award at a time. We believe that together we can make a difference and create a place where community is fostered, lives are changed and home becomes a space without borders.

We know this sharing of ourselves is only a small piece of the bigger puzzle today – but it is our small piece that when formed together with businesses and friends like you, that we help to complete a bright, new picture of what our world should look like. Here is a glimpse of a few of the wonderful things we are so blessed to have contributed to.

Education: The Port Loyola Library & Ongoing School Projects

We have worked tirelessly with the help of our supporters and volunteers to improve the lives of children. We have worked tirelessly to build and maintain the Port Loyola Library, a flag project that we had embarked on from the very beginning of our club life. We also work to assist local schools with getting the furniture they need to make learning fun and comfortable for every student. We have worked on painting bathrooms and buildings in several schools, being the latest the St John Vianney Project That is only a small portion of the good we get to be a part of each and every day.

Health and Medical Assistance

The Rotary Club of Belize Sunrise knows that the health of the community is extremely important. We need all of our residents to be healthy so that together we can do what we were called to do… whatever that something may be. That is why we are so happy to help assist those in medical need. Donating a over a 100 wheelchairs in 2014 only, assisting with the donation of over 80K BZD in medical equipment and supplies to the KHMH in 2015, and planning to assist children in need of dialysis are just a few examples of the work of our dedicated members towards improving the health conditions of our community.

If you are already a part of The Rotary Club, we would like to thank you for being our friends, helping us to do what we love doing – helping others. If you are just visiting or curious about who we are as an organization and what we do, we invite you to take a look around our site or contact us for more information on how you can get help or get involved. We would love to have you. Together with you, the Rotary Club of Belize Sunrise can shine light on a hurting world, making it a better, healthier and happier place for everyone.

St. John Vianney Catholic School Playground Project

The St. John Vianney Catholic School Playground Project now is a reality. We are proud to have been part of this accomplishment. Thank you to all organizations that have joined efforts to make this a successful project. The Rotary Club of Belize Sunrise continues to strive for the education of our children, as it is the most powerful tool to change the world.

Organizations that participated in this project are:

  • Rotary Club of Sherwood Park Alberta,
  • Rotary Club of Edmonton,
  • Rotary Club of Belize Sunrise,
  • Rotary Club of Belize,
  • Interact Club of Edmonton Downtown
  • Interact Club of Edmonton,
  • Interact Club Of Belize High School,
  • Interact Club of St. Johns College,
  • Interact Club of St. Catherine’s Academy,
  • Restore Belize,
  • Emmanuel Foundation and
  • Literacy without Borders.